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Streparava considers the Quality Management System (QMS), which is an integral part of sustainable development, not only a benchmark for obtaining certification but also a key to achieving long-term success, while taking into account new requirements, including customers’ new expectations, resulting from recent changes in the social and economic scenario.

All stakeholders' requirements and expectations, in terms of environment, safety, social responsibility, energy management and privacy, are taken into consideration in the corporate quality policy.

Streparava QMS has been conceived to be extremely flexible in order to interact with other management models and techniques adopted in the automotive industry. The objectives and main features of this approach, in accordance with ISO 9001 developments, will be:


Integration of various Management System Models (High Level Structure).


Simplification of mandatory requirements and documentation (control of documented information).


Focus on performance and consistency of QMS and general objectives (strategic and management objectives).


Risk management in the various QMS stages (risk-based approach).


Focus on internal and external environment and stakeholders (impact on QMS governance).


Excellence and quality of the service in parallel with compliance with standards – in addition to maintaining certification to standards – Streparava has decided to make considerable investments in the purchase of latest-technology equipment and the development of activities aimed at achieving the highest quality levels and excellence to guarantee the best possible solutions in the world market in terms of performance and reliability.


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