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Testing Center, Streparava’s strength

The challenge to be competitive requires the use of modern product development techniques. All the components are tested at the design stage in order to reduce project lead time and ensure performance of the final product.
Streparava has made the strategic choice of setting up a Testing Center to perform product validation tests autonomously and become an even more reliable partner and fulfil all customer requirements.



Types of test and measurements:


Multiaxial dynamic road simulation test


Monoaxial, biaxial or three-axial test on a single part or subsystem


Component self-qualification tests


Approval tests for complete systems


On-vehicle field data acquisition


Damage evaluation with data processing


Test time history processing


Application of strain gauges, accelerometers, potentiometers and various types of transducers


Data statistical analysis and post-processing

Equipment used






Road data time history simulation


Dynamic simulation up to 20 Hz


8 controlled channels (4 DOF each corner)


Can handle suspension samples from 1.5 to 8.5 tonnes


Hydraulic power unit with 900 l/min. flow


Seismic mass 8x7 m with a minimum resonance frequency of 0.8 Hz


MTS RCP-PRO software for road data processing and the creation of custom time-histories for any type of vehicle mission.







Test rigs can be easily dressed for many types of test


Monoaxial, biaxial or triaxial tests can be performed


MTS Flextest digital controller, with optional control of 12 analogue voltage inputs and 16 digital inputs


5 (five) MTS 100kN hydraulic actuators with load cell and LVDT position sensor


Stroke-controlled tests of complex systems at low frequency (1-1.5Hz)


Load-controlled tests at frequencies up to 10 Hz


Execution of tests to customer specifications






Description Brand Model
Load indicator for each strain gauge Vishay P-3500
16-channel scanner for field measurements Vishay 6200 scanner
DC/DC converter 12V Traco Power TEP 100-1212
Signal conditioner for capacitive accelerometer PCB 478A05
220/24V 10A single-phase power supply Murrelektronik 85062
Multi-channel DAQ MGC Plus HBM MGC Plus




Description Brand Model
Triaxial capacitive accelerometer PCB 3703GFD3G
Linear position sensor Celesco PT1A-30-BK-10KC25
Linear position sensor AMS WS 10PS-750-U8-L10-SB0
20 bar pressure sensor Gefran TKG-N-1-F-B02D-H
20 kN load cell Gefran TC-K-20M-C-S
10 kN load cell Gefran TC-K-10M-C-S
0-25 bar analogic/digital pressure switch IFM PN2023
Triaxial ICP accelerometer PCB 356A15
10mm linear position transducer HBM WA-10mm
Spinning wheel force transducer (SWIFT) MTS SWIFT40T


DAQ HBM, MGC plus, with Catman® measurement channels:


24 strain gauge input channels, quarter-bridge, half-bridge or full bridge configurations


16 voltage input channels (Analogic Input)


16 analogic output channels (Analogic Output)


8+8 digital input/output channels


8 ICP piezo-electric input/output channels


8 thermocouple input/output channels


The challenge to be competitive involves the use of all modern techniques of product development.

The tests on components carried out in the design phase allow to reduce the lead time of the project and allow to give the customer a product already approved for the characteristics of functionality.

Streparava has chosen to adopt a modern Testing Center that allows us to be self-employed in the qualification tests of our products and to propose to the customer as a full partner and reliable supplier.


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