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CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

For Streparava, contributing to “sustainable development” means acting according to UNI ISO 2600 guidelines and focusing primarily on “social responsibility”.

This choice is in line with the philosophy of the Group, which since its very beginning has been committed to achieve the wellbeing of those working for Streparava and, more generally, the local community.

Streparava has encouraged its customers to adopt the same policy, the aim being to focus first and foremost on sustainable development and get the entire supply chain involved. The Group believes that social responsibility, more than a moral obligation, is an ethical value as well as a means of knowledge and participation.

Establishing strong relations with local stakeholders and raising environmental awareness is the only way to lay the foundations for solid, long-lasting, mutual cooperation and create virtuous circles in which social initiatives can be promoted in view of a better future.

The challenges brought about by globalisation have led the Streparava Group to adopt its deeply-rooted family-based approach on an international scale.



  Streparava has developed good practices of social responsibility more

  Streparava starts the Workplace Health Promotion project
Streparava starts the Workplace Health Promotion project, sponsored by Regione Lombardia, which regards nutrition. more

  Streparava is partner of Franciacortando - June 2015, 13-14

Streparava is partner of Franciacortando 2015, the food and wine event which is held from 13 to 14 June 2015. more

  Work-related learning projects: students visit Streparava Spa
The students of the 3rd year of the “Don Milani” school (Montichiari, Brescia), adress Mechanical Automation Technology, visited Streparava Spa more

  Streparava supports UniBS Motorsport web project
The new website by UniBS Motorsport is online. more

  ITS Lombardia Meccatronica, on the job school
The article by Anna Guida was published on TECN’È - N.1/2015 more

  Rotary Club Brescia Franciacorta Oglio in Streparava
The President Alberto Ghidini and some members of the Rotary Club Brescia Franciacorta Oglio visited the Streparava company, created in 1951 by Cav. Angelo Luigi Streparava, founder and president of the Club in 1978. more

  The prefect of Brescia and the captain of Carabinieri in Streparava
Streparava was delighted to welcome the visit of the Prefect of Brescia, SE Narcisa Brassesco Pace, and the Commander of Carabinieri, Colonel Giuseppe Spina. more

  A road dedicated
to Sir Angelo Luigi Streparava

The municipality of Rovato has paid tribute to the Cavaliere del Lavoro, Sir Angelo Luigi Streparava. more

  Membership in trade associations as a social value for three Streparava generations 
For three generations, the Streparava family has chosen to be the protagonist of local and national trade associations, which reflects their belief that association membership for an entrepreneur is an honour and, more importantly, a major commitment. more

  A group of entrepreneurs pooled resources to set up a pre-school for Brazilian children
With the support of other local entrepreneurs, the Streparava Group has set up a pre-school in memory of Sir Angelo Luigi Streparava for children from families in need in Brazil. more

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